"Regis Murphy did a great job of listening to our interests and requirements and using that information to locate potential homes that met those needs. Regis worked with contractors under rushed timelines to ensure that needed repairs were performed in order to meet accelerated closing dates. In addition to finding homes himself, Regis Murphy was very open to scheduling visits to homes and locations returned from the many real estate search sites as well as explaining the pros and cons of those sites. Regis was able to provide needed information regarding pricing of potential homes in relation to other comparable locations and suggesting areas and sites that were not originally in our search parameters while still meeting the general requirements that we had. In the end, with Regis' help, we were able to purchase a wonderful house that we love."

‐ David Massey, Charlotte, NC


"Regis Murphy is a super positive, super upbeat person who is willing to put in real work to help sell a home, and who clearly wants all parties to leave happy. It was a pleasure working with him and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone."

‐ Michael Hill. Charlotte, NC.


"We are very pleased with he's job. Mr. Regis Murphy is a great realtor and a very good person. My overall experience was great."

‐ Karla Magana, Salisbury


"I've known Regis Murphy for several years now, and can verify that he's a top-notch guy all around. He's certainly got the basics down pat: he's friendly, polite, on-time for appointments... stuff like that. More importantly, I think he genuinely cares about people and actually listens to them instead of thinking up the next thing he wants to say. He offers his advice, but only if you ask for it. He's had an interesting life with many unique experiences, and he understands that people have different values and may approach issues from different angles. He's warm, even-tempered and non-judgmental. In short, he's not just a great guy to have a beer with, he's a fundamentally good man on all levels. I would trust him in any professional capacity, and would be absolutely comfortable in recommending him to others without hesitation."

‐ Jim Cofer


"Regis tirelessly pursues the most positive outcome possible in all his endeavours - both personal and professional. He's an attentive listener who will make certain your needs and desires are clear in order to best achieve your goals. You'll find that Regis is incredibly easy to get along with, possesses a natural desire to be helpful, and is capable of handling the finest details while always seeing the big picture."

‐ Scott Goins


"Regis possesses an innate passion for people-he thrives on building relationships of value. He is always ready to be a strong, dependable friend and partner, due largely to his love of learning about others. You will not find another realtor who is as genuinely focused on your satisfaction as Mr. Murphy. Honing in on your true needs and preferences for the outcome of this pivotal life decision, Regis acts as an advocate for your personal happiness throughout the transaction. With his unequaled work ethic, phenomenal networking skills, and passion for the happiness of others, Mr. Murphy is the perfect choice of realtor. Only choose him if you are ready to have a blast with your real estate transaction and leave with a strong deal and new friend!"

‐ Victoria Meade


"Regis' intelligence, attention to detail, and dedication make him the perfect realtor. Regis has the ability to make you feel as though you are the most important client there is. If you need a dedicated professional who will listen to your needs and then help you with your realty decisions, I would highly recommend Regis Murphy."

‐ William Howell


"Regis is a person you can always count on to deliver results. His work ethic is bar none, he will stop at nothing to have you walk away pleased. Regis has a way to make you feel relaxed and at ease with major decisions. Hands down I would recommend Regis to anyone who desires a stress free and positive experience when making a major life decision like buying or selling a home. He will surpass all of your expectations!!!"

‐ Heather Zazzi